Sunday, July 11, 2010

Simple pleasures

I managed to get away from the shop earlier this morning and went to two boot sales.I spied this beauty amidst a sea of china dogs and gnomes.It's Midwinter and very' of the moment.'
Another bargain £1  buy.It has a chip on the back but perfect for big floppy  flower arrangements
This was only 50p and will be great to use at school as I am in charge of hymn practice and this has many traditional hymns in it.I love singing hyms and find it totally uplifting singing loudly and in two part harmony.This book also has a lot of wonderful illustrations and photographs.I love, love, love  it.
another little doyley to add to the collection.I don't really have that many!
I bought this couple of weeks ago and it was a murky greige colour so I whipped out thr dye and sorted -a very pretty throw to cover my sofa. (£2) Don't you just love dyeing??
                                              More  on the creative front, tomorrow.


Jules said...

Typical! I miss out on the car boot and finally there were some decent bargains to be had. Mind, I'm no match for Eagle Eyed Annie so maybe it was better that I was languishing in bed.

Nice buys - looking forward to seeing more on the creative front xx

sylviesgarden said...

Such lovely things!
I have been pondering dying some of my doilies for a while now, after seeing how great yours has turned out I shall definitely give it a whirl.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hi you did really well at the boot sales and you reminded me that a boot sale is on today YEY
I love the cake stand and the dying has really come out a treat


Hello, loving your finds, i would have snapped up the enamel jug too, great finds, which car boots do you go to? on holiday next week, so drop in and see you soon, Linda x x