Monday, August 10, 2009


Another weakness. I cannot resist scooping up old and unwanted chairs that nobody else seems to want. I don't have a lot of spare time but when I do, I love to paint and refurbish my little orphans and make them respectable chairs again. Consequently I have a house full of old chairs dotted about in various states of rehab. Here are my latest:

This one was rescued from my sisters garden.It was out in all weathers and had a moss green velvet seat pad that was mouldy. A lick of paint and a Cath Kidston tea towel and its as good as new and now lives in my bedroom.

This cost me a £1 from a car boot sale.It was brown with an orange seat.(Note to self -do before pictures for full effect)

This one cost me £1 from the sale room. It was burnt and covered in splodges of black paint.It has a cushion pad from Ikea just to finish it off.
There are many more waiting in line. I have a lovely childs bentwood chair which I bought at auction for £6 and there's an auction on Wednesday, so who knows how many more need rescuing.Watch this space.