Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dust catchers......

It has finally happened...I have turned into my grandmother...I have a sudden longing for ornaments.....strangely kitsch ornaments of the animal kind.Its funny but when you start looking, they seem to be everywhere.My Mum calls them dust catchers but I think they are quite engaging...Here are a few of my booty/charity shop discoveries.All costing between 10p and £ not exactly breaking the bank but giving me a great deal of pleasure.....and very addictive
Simply  love these little kittens
A sweet little vase
           Sweet little dogs and little bambi (that's a whole other addiction)
                             Love the little mouse with the outsize ears
                              Another cat that's got out of the basket....
      My dresser full of pretty china and dustcatchers...there really is no accounting for taste. .