Sunday, January 31, 2010


And so January draws to a close and I have managed to survive it without breaking any resolutions because I didnt make any but I have decided as the song goes that am 'sick and tired of being sick and tired ' so today is the start of the renovation of me...
I am going to eat when I am hungry,sleep and move more,worry less and listen to and cherish my overworked, middle-aged body and try to find the energy that will make life less overwhelming.I shall abstain from nothing but will gently court the art of moderation and water will be my new best friend.I went to the chemist to arm myself with some pills and Bachs rescue remedy.I am not looking for a quick fix but a general feeling of vitality and an ability to make all the projects in my head come to fruition.No more excuses.I was reading today that clutter is the bedfellow of depression and that is so true.So clearing and sorting will also be on the agenda.I shall also be avoiding'loud and agressive people,as they are vexations to the spirit and I shall seek comfort in silence'(Desiderata). Watch this space..........

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Empty nest..

Well,back at school and in the twilight zone again.Nothing much to say.I'm so fed up of being cold and tired and long for spring sunshine.I'm feeling even more sad because my two sons,Harry and James have gone to work in Australia for the rest of the year, so feel very displaced.Rattling around enjoying the fuller fridge and quiet, but missing their pithy one liners and ability to stop me falling over the precipice that is grumpy old womanhood and land of the People's friend and Werthers original.I keep cooking too much food and can access my laptop whenever the mood takes me but I miss them......

Friday, January 8, 2010


Talking of snowdrops look what came today..
I hardly dare open it as I want it to last a long time.Wondering if there is any way I can go to the Country Living Spring fair.I have been to the Christmas one but not the Spring one.Has anyone been before? Is it well worth a visit?


Two fat ladies walking in the snow.My Mum's two retrievers Pippa and Polly.

Dan on our daily walk
View from my window
Yes we had more snow last night.In fact a good eight inches fell and it was quite breathtaking looking out this morning.All hush and calm.I think we have to embrace winter as a slowing down time.Restock,recharge,rejuvenate and wait.....for inspiration...for the size 12 body........for Spring.....for car boot sales....for snowdrops. What are you waiting for girls?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chair envy..

I have talked about my chair fascination before.I don't even know how to do the link but it was last year sometime.Anyway I was looking through my photos and happened upon these lovelies from Cath Kidston in York.What a great idea!So my next project is going to be a patchwork seat cover for my sewing chair which was another bargain from the saleroom-(£1) and its a canvas dining chair so it should be fairly easy to cover.Before and after pictures will be coming later. Well, the before picture will,I'm not so sure about the after.That will be much later.........

A little blue chair

Here is my bargain chair which I bid for in the saleroom yesterday.It cost a mere two pounds!I think it's rather sweet.
Just add a crocheted cushion and throw and Bob's your uncle!One more for the resue home for unwanted ,orphaned chairs

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


My lovely friend Cheryl gave me a matching pair of side plates and a cup and saucer in this design(Royal Grafton) for my landmark birthday last year.Today was sale day at the auction rooms and I had spotted six dinner plates in this design and some really pretty daffodil side plates all with my name on!! So this morning I waded through snowdrifts and blizzards to get there only to find that the pace was slow so I calculated how much time I would have and popped out to buy a flask for my youngest son who is presently earning money erecting an ice rink for the BBC in Leeds and is developing frostbite on a daily basis.In my absence The auctioneer must have gone into overdrive as when I came back I had missed my lot no 198 and he had hurtled on to lot no 202.Oh the pain! Which then turned to abject sorrow and a broken heart when I discovered the whole lot went for two pounds!Yes two pounds!I couldn't speak and it's been eating away at me all day.Lesson learned if your lot numbers are well apart leave a bid.I did manage to acquire another chair. A rather pretty duck egg blue child's wicker chair for £2 which was a small compensation. Will show you tomorrow when I collect it.Alas some things are not meant to be.However I am going to try to find out who bought them and hunt them down...Two pounds!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More blessings..

This was a lovely homemade present from Heidi.Its a catering size jar with spiced rosehips and a votive inside and then a lovely wreath on top with little rusty hearts.Its such a lovely idea and smells heavenly.
This was a lovely surprise from my good mate Jan.A beautiful throw made from vintage tablecloths by the lovely Zoe.I was coveting it at the Open house and then it disappeared.Now I know why.I love it so much.Thanks Jan I love you.
A glorious new Cath bag from my husband,John who has really spoilt me this year.

As yet I have made no firm resolutions.Apart from the usual shedding of blubber and doing more exerciseI am going to be kinder to myself and I am not going to gossip and I am going to follow the ARK philosphy and perform random acts of kindness.No I can't change the world but I can make my own little world that bit nicer and for those around me.I will also try to be a better blogger.I am pretty rubbish though and dont know how to do the side bars and extend my lists etc.Anyway for now girls hunker down.It's winter -a time for recharging, resting and planning for the spring.Stay warm and stay happy xx

Counting our blessings...

My auntie Jan sent me a very thought provoking e-Christmas card about Christmas blessings and that if you have food in your fridge a bed to sleep in and food to eat you are better off than 75% of the world. I remember when Harry, my youngest son was a very small boy he proclaimed one day that we were very rich and the reason for this was that we had four cats! I guess wealth is relative but its important I think to count our blessings perhaps more frequently than we do and I think I am poorer now as I only have two cats. Its still snowing here in N. Yorks and there is talk of a prolonged cold snap and that we are experiencing the coldest winter for thirty years.Heidi and Rosella were coming for lunch and a foray round the saleroom but the snow is too bad .So I now have a very clean house and gallons of leek and potato soup!! So I am going to now seem very shallow and show you my wonderful Christmas presents

This glorious red leather Roberts radio which was a total surprise... more love...
My very clever sister made me not one cushion but two ...aren't they fabulous.One patchwork and one embroidered on linen.The pattern is from the Jan Constantine embroidery book.I was so thrilled and I look at them and I could weep with joy. The amount of time she must have put in Jules if you're reading this you are the best and I am the luckiest!!Thank you, thank you.