Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Empty nest..

Well,back at school and in the twilight zone again.Nothing much to say.I'm so fed up of being cold and tired and long for spring sunshine.I'm feeling even more sad because my two sons,Harry and James have gone to work in Australia for the rest of the year, so feel very displaced.Rattling around enjoying the fuller fridge and quiet, but missing their pithy one liners and ability to stop me falling over the precipice that is grumpy old womanhood and land of the People's friend and Werthers original.I keep cooking too much food and can access my laptop whenever the mood takes me but I miss them......

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Hand knitted Things said...

Hi there, I know the feeling of living in a house where the fridge does not need to be filled up on a seemingly daily basis due to the nest being a little empty. I have all day, everyday for knitting!

BTW - I've nominated you for an award on my blog. Take a look at this link if you would like to participate. Regards Julia