Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More blessings..

This was a lovely homemade present from Heidi.Its a catering size jar with spiced rosehips and a votive inside and then a lovely wreath on top with little rusty hearts.Its such a lovely idea and smells heavenly.
This was a lovely surprise from my good mate Jan.A beautiful throw made from vintage tablecloths by the lovely Zoe.I was coveting it at the Open house and then it disappeared.Now I know why.I love it so much.Thanks Jan I love you.
A glorious new Cath bag from my husband,John who has really spoilt me this year.

As yet I have made no firm resolutions.Apart from the usual shedding of blubber and doing more exerciseI am going to be kinder to myself and I am not going to gossip and I am going to follow the ARK philosphy and perform random acts of kindness.No I can't change the world but I can make my own little world that bit nicer and for those around me.I will also try to be a better blogger.I am pretty rubbish though and dont know how to do the side bars and extend my lists etc.Anyway for now girls hunker down.It's winter -a time for recharging, resting and planning for the spring.Stay warm and stay happy xx

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Alchamillamolly said...

Hello and HNY to you. I think I havel left a comment before - I was determined to get over from Northallerton to you before Xmas but work was mad so I didn't then the weather happened and we shuttered up the house and snuggled. I will come through as soon as it clears - about March!! Hope you are still getting local custom to keep you busy and you may not even be at school at the moment! I will try and coincide the visit 'up sutton bank' with a visit to Cropton Forest where my friend lives. Desperate to see your shop!! love your pressies - I had intended to take pics of my lovely decs etc and post a blog but my reading took over. I bought the English cottages book after seeing yours on here. Must go to bed now i ts walking to work weather!!