Friday, January 8, 2010


Two fat ladies walking in the snow.My Mum's two retrievers Pippa and Polly.

Dan on our daily walk
View from my window
Yes we had more snow last night.In fact a good eight inches fell and it was quite breathtaking looking out this morning.All hush and calm.I think we have to embrace winter as a slowing down time.Restock,recharge,rejuvenate and wait.....for inspiration...for the size 12 body........for Spring.....for car boot sales....for snowdrops. What are you waiting for girls?

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reasonably chubby said...

Hi Anne--Just stumbed onto your blog. I understand your feelings of empty nest--I have 3 daughters who are all in college. It's definitely an adjustment isn't it? Ugh! I love antiques and shabby things too.Stop by and visit my blog when you get a chance! Hope you have a wonderful week.