Friday, August 31, 2012

I have to say a huge thank you to my amazing sister who has persuaded the little photo icon to come back from holiday and hopefully restore normal service so I can blog in glorious technicolour.Thanks Jules You're the best X

Thursday, August 30, 2012

August gone in a flash.... Hello September

Hello dear bloggy friends.I am in anguish as I cannot post photos at all- the little picture that allows you to upload images has packed its bags and gone on holiday so I have all this free time to blog and cannot and let face it, people prefer pictures to people banging on about stuff.I am in despair and believe it is something to do with my computer as I the little icon is present on other computers.I am using my Mums at the moment but I have no pictures handy.So just wanted to say hello and say I am still here just not in pictures.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blimey,where did July go? I can't believe that it is now August and the summer is still a no show.What have I been doing over the last few weeks?I went to Harrogate gift fair and ordered lots of lovley things for the shop at Christmas and can you believe,Easter.I have also sourced lots of different things from various parts of the world which will be in my online shop as soon as my website has been modified.I am still in the early stages of revamping the shop butI have some good ideas,but as my sister would remind me ,usually by poking or slapping my arm that ideas are no good if they are stuck in your head,get on and do it!!! Over the next few posts I will show you some of my projects,First though Cheryl's Vintage fair.A very hardworking bunch of folk helped to set up the fair and if you missed it here is a taste of what you could have bought.... Having a problem with loading photos.My dashboard with the icon has disappeared.I hate new blogger.I really much preferred the old one!!! Will try again later when I don't feel like hurling my laptop from the highest window.x