Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bad endings and new beginnings

I have indeed been quiet for some time(Thank you Dotty Red for your concern) and  have not felt able to post any words which would come across as anything but very self pitying and full of rancour.I have been through a fairly hideous time over the past few months,uncertainty,severe stress,disappointment,anger,unashamed bitterness and betrayal and fully in the picture as to who I can count on as friends.
However,what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and thankfully my situation is not life threatening and nothing that isn't being experienced by thousands of people all around the world.I find myself middle-aged, unemployed ,no longer a teacher,  a stone lighter and now very confused by the new blogger set up which I am finding very unfriendly.
So pity party over I have sought solace in words borrowed from Pinterest (thank you Cocoa Rose)and take comfort that there are so many lovely bloggers who do care and who are always so sweetly supportive and kind.Thank you for being there and tolerating my hugely self- centred mini meltdown.I am over it now and very scared but looking forward to new opportunities which will be of my own making.

                                                          Don't you just love words?

I will make a start by being a much better blogger and try to post more regularly.
Anne x