Thursday, December 24, 2009


This is my favourite angel.I bought her many years ago and she hangs on the wall all year.I believe...
This twiggy wreath also stays put all year.
Another unfinished symphony!This is the quilt I started for my mother fifteen years ago and apart from a bit of embroidery and a few hearts it's finally finished.It's also very basic using left over curtain fabric when I was in my green/pink phase.It may very well make an appearance under the tree.
Anyway all that's left to do is wish you all the happiest of Christmases.Hope you and your beloved ones have a wonderful time with lots of happiness to cherish and fortify you throughout the coming year.Stay safe,happy and peaceful.Love Anne xxxxxxx

A special thought for Rod and dearest Kate RIP x

Happy Christmas

The mince pies have been made. I use a sweet shortcrust recipe and put sweetened cream cheese under the lids.Naughty but very nice.
The presents have been wrapped.
My sister Jules and I have a bit of an unspoken competition to se who can come up with the most tasteful wrapping.This year I have used yards of lace and mercurised baubles-presents in themselves.The lace will be jolly handy for future projects.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Getting ready

This cushion was cross stitched by my very clever and talented sister Jules for my eldest son James when he was very small (Now 23) and it comes out every year.Its truly beautiful and a real heirloom.When I can find Harry's I will post that too.
£1 from a charity shop stored in last years M&S gift set jar
My red themed dresser
My very small tree
The mantelpieceover the wood burner
Now that school is out I have fuinally been able to potter about at home. Having done Christmas at the shop and school I must say my heart has not really been singing as it should. I reckon that's probably due to sheer exhaustion.(snow,inspection,reports,Christmas shopping stc)However, I shall be a much better blogger now I have a bit more time and having some daylight time in which to take some photographs. The above photos are the start of my Christmas preparations.

The Nativity

The nativity play was a huge success not a dry eye in the house - tears of laughter but everyone said how joyful it was and that is the most important thing about Christmas.Here are some our little stars.

Winter wonderland

The snow has been prety incredible here.These photos were taken before Saturdays heavy fall and its been very hard to get anywhere either on foot or by car.Yes the paths haven't all been gritted,yes,the snow ploughs cant get everywhere.Yes it's fit to freeze your eyeballs and yet look how beautiful it looks.These were taken on my walk with the dog and It was absolutly magical and it brings out my inner child9 who is always pretty close to the surface it has to be said!)
The frozen beck.

Let it Snow!

A little robin trying to keep warm
Wot you lookin' at?

The view from my window
PIckering market place at first light.

We're feeling very Christmasy here in North Yorkshire. Minus 13 and 9 inches of honest to goodness, white, fluffy stuff on the ground.