Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A chip off the old block...

My youngest son Harry has a love of wood and carpentry.Even as a small boy he was always nailing bits of wood together.In fact he made me some shelves for my wardrobe at the age of eight!He saw this in Country Homes and Interiors and has had a go at making his own version.He is planning to make some small pieces of furniture to sell in the shop so he can earn some extra money for his next trip abroad.The photo is a bit blurry.Will post again when it's finished.

I love the colour of this one...
My husband has also made some really nice peices over the years.When I first met him he put up a shelf in his room and put some books on it and he promptly fell down. I think he has come a long way.
This was made out of some reclaimed and well seasoned pine.
We were looking at the furniture in Laura Ashley many years ago and I fell in love with this type of dresser.It was £1100.We had hardly any money so John said he would have a go at making it.I was and still am thrilled with the result.It's still not quite finished .He has to add a central shelf and a little glazed door in the middle...one day maybe......

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to school...

Feeling in a state of deep melancholy....the new term is about to start and I don't feel ready...summer is over and it is feeling decidedly 'backendish' as they say in these parts. However, on the upside, new school term equals new school bag and books.Just couldn't resist this Joules bag in the sale and my jaunty jotter/planning file from Smiths, also half price.maybe I'm not quite as melancholy as I thought.I must say that I am ready for socks and tights and soup and fires and scarves and cosy stuff or did I mean white stuff....loving the new catalogue and it's teatime theme.
 I have had enough of this fickle summer with silly August masquerading as November. All that flouncing about and showery nonsense has been incredibly vexing...

I am ready in a totally Michael McIntyre way for the 'season of mist and mellow fruitfulness' which seems to be upon us......

Hope you've had a great bank holiday....
Anne x

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bunny love....

Just arrived from Sweden my favourite Maileg rabbits.I really love these so much.They make such great presents.I bought my first one At the Country Living Fair about ten years ago.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time for tea

My sister Jules (pictured)and I had a lovely day shopping and mooching in York this week.We splashed out and bought lots of car parking hours so we weren't in a hot sweat after a last minute dash back to avoid a ticket which is what usually happens.We were so long we had time for lunvh at Little Betty's and then morning tea at this gorgeous little vintage tea room and vintage shop which is close to the Minster.It's called the Avalon group and it is a charity.ALl proceeds go to help adults with special needs to find work and homes so that they are independent.It is quite lovely.

This was our tea with banoffee cup cakes which were delicious,not too sickly and you can buy any of the china that you eat off or the teapots. 

This is the chiller cabinet.All items date from the early 1940's to the sixties and all the waitresses wear clothes from those eras
It's painted in boudoir colours and very pretty to behold.

We bought some vintage aprons for a mere seven pounds each,ready for our forties weekend.Jules is seen here modelling her pinny.I'm currently awaiting the rediscovery of a waist around which to tie my new apron. (Will show you later).I now have to go and tackle the mountain of clutter under my stairs!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back in the real world

Hello there.
Hope you are all well and happy.
I had a fantastic holiday and spent the week sunbathing and swimming in the Med.
I did a few cultural things,cathedral ,monastry where Chopin wrote his most famous pieces,train through the mountains,ate too much and slept too much.I won't bore you with my photos.
This is my view from the sea.

and this is as much of my bikini body as I am willing to reveal,especially as some of you may be fairly squeamish.

And this is what my sister's house looks like since she got the crochet habit.I did warn you.She has now gone into rehab and is currently pimping her wendy house http://julessewpretty.blogspot.com/
Great to be home and lovely to catch up with all your comings and goings
 Anne x

Ps.The above picture is actually an art installation featured in this month's Yarn forward.This person actually cuts up quilts and makes them into other things or covers surfaces.And what is even more shameful.She cannot crochet!!SHOCK!HORROR!