Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time for tea

My sister Jules (pictured)and I had a lovely day shopping and mooching in York this week.We splashed out and bought lots of car parking hours so we weren't in a hot sweat after a last minute dash back to avoid a ticket which is what usually happens.We were so long we had time for lunvh at Little Betty's and then morning tea at this gorgeous little vintage tea room and vintage shop which is close to the Minster.It's called the Avalon group and it is a charity.ALl proceeds go to help adults with special needs to find work and homes so that they are independent.It is quite lovely.

This was our tea with banoffee cup cakes which were delicious,not too sickly and you can buy any of the china that you eat off or the teapots. 

This is the chiller cabinet.All items date from the early 1940's to the sixties and all the waitresses wear clothes from those eras
It's painted in boudoir colours and very pretty to behold.

We bought some vintage aprons for a mere seven pounds each,ready for our forties weekend.Jules is seen here modelling her pinny.I'm currently awaiting the rediscovery of a waist around which to tie my new apron. (Will show you later).I now have to go and tackle the mountain of clutter under my stairs!!


Deborah said...

Oh I am soooo jealous! What a lovely tea room and a lovely day you had. Looks as though you are still in holiday mode Anne...good for you. I was beginning to worry whether Jules had got locked in her summerhouse with her paint roller lol!
Deb x

Jules said...

OMG - full length photo! Stop it and shhhhh, Little Betty's is our secret - now everyone will want to go there! It was a fab day though xxx

The Little Vintage Company said...

The tearoom looks gorgeous! What a brilliant idea..
Tamzin X


So glad you had a great time in York, I am going next week with my teenage son , dont know if i will get him into the vintage tea room,But will try ! we usualy go to the Spurigate center( did post about it ,have a look)Think we will split up and go our seperate way ,me to cath Kidstons and wild at heart and NOa Noa , and him to trendy clothes shops, york is great is,nt it , when you live up dales, you need a blast of city living from time to time, bestest wishes,Linda ps, love your vintage pinny!

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a lovely day out!


Karoline said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time, I shall have to look up the tea room next time I get some (toddler-free)time in York.