Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back in the real world

Hello there.
Hope you are all well and happy.
I had a fantastic holiday and spent the week sunbathing and swimming in the Med.
I did a few cultural things,cathedral ,monastry where Chopin wrote his most famous pieces,train through the mountains,ate too much and slept too much.I won't bore you with my photos.
This is my view from the sea.

and this is as much of my bikini body as I am willing to reveal,especially as some of you may be fairly squeamish.

And this is what my sister's house looks like since she got the crochet habit.I did warn you.She has now gone into rehab and is currently pimping her wendy house
Great to be home and lovely to catch up with all your comings and goings
 Anne x

Ps.The above picture is actually an art installation featured in this month's Yarn forward.This person actually cuts up quilts and makes them into other things or covers surfaces.And what is even more shameful.She cannot crochet!!SHOCK!HORROR!


Jules said...

Ha-ha-dee-ha! It's not quite that bad but it could be by the time I die! You have given me an idea for some crochet dangly bits for my car mirror - bet William would love that! Watch my space for pimp my Wendy House mark II xxx

Jules said...

and yes, I agree - totally disgraceful and shameful to have all that crochet and not be able to do it herself!

Aimee said...

Hello Anne. What a lovely blog. I was in your shop 2 weeks ago whilst I was waiting for the auction. It is an amazing aladins cave for all the things I love. Sadly I couldn't look properly as I have a toddler, and he doesn't appreciate lovely shops!
I am in home in N.Yorks again this weekend, and will be going to the Pickering carboot. You seem to find some amazing treasure. Sadly, I know I wont be adding to my blue and white collection as you'll have got all the good stuff!