Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A little bit of creativity....

As the owner of a gift/homeware shop I am lucky to meet lots of very nice people.One of these is David who is the rep for Woodmansterne greetings.He used to be a rep for Sirdar wool and very kindly listens to my ramblings about knitting and crochet and vintage makes etc.Anyway a while ago he turned up with four bin bags stuffed with samples of sublime wool  one of each of every colour and kind created by the lovely Sirdar people.
Joy, oh Joy, oh rapture!
Have shared it out and given lots to Anne in the flea market who knits tank tops for the war weekend.Jules made a blanket and I still have lots left.
It's hard to know what to do with single balls of colour except make granny squares which I am also doing and of course my big blanket in stripes which is ongoing.So this is what I made recently in between writing school reports and watching the world cup.....
My version of a circular bag which is now my crochet bag and I love it.I washed it so some of the rows which were wool have felted .

I washed it so some of the rows which were wool have felted.You can see the rows which aren't wool but I| like their brightness

I lined it with an old dress from Next which I bought at a boot sale and I made the handles using felted double crochet and then reinforced them with dotty corduroy buttonholes from another dress.This stops it sagging and then I threaded velvet ribbon from House Doctor through the gaps.
I'm a bit thrilled with myself as I never finish anything but I enjoyed all the fiddling 
Cost to me : pennies
Joy to me: immense
Thank you David
I am now making other things but more of that tomorow.l
Love to you all
Anne x


Jules said...

Fab, fab, fabdiddly fabulous! Well done you for finishing it - there's no end to your talents if only you would let them out to play more often xx

Debbie said...

It`s my first time visiting your beautiful blog!
Wow! What an amazing collection of cushions you have!(Seen on one of your older posts...)
I too love cushions...
And your home is very beautiful also!
I`m looking forward to come back again, for more inspiration!


Anonymous said...

its absolutely lovely you are so clever

Country Cottage Chic said...

Your bag looks fabulous - it's always lovely to get something nice for nothing - how kind!


Diane said...

That looks lovely. xx

Jules said...

ha ha ha, my dearest sister, yes, I did do 'some' work yesterday! The sewing was done in the evenings (yesterday was a bit of sneaky crochet if you must know).
So, where's the 'making other things but more of that tomorrow? I've been waiting eagerly. xxx

meandering pearl said...

i LOVE this!!! loveliest thoughts