Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Lady

For many years I have felt an affinity with the lady.Partly because back in the seventies when I had a yearning not to go to university but maybe be an au pair or maybe work for some member of the aristocracy.I used to read through the small ads and dream of escape to foreign climes.....(I did eventually go to Uni and spent a year in France teaching English in a lovely school near Nantes) but the Lady has always held a sort of Proustian appeal for me.Anyway I love the new version edited by Rachel Johnson( sister of Boris).It is an extremely good read.
I love this cover.It features Nell Gifford of Gifford's circus which tours near Sussex from May to September.She is one of  of Emma Bridgewater's sisters.It also has a travelling restaurant,Circus Sauce a unique 42 cover travelling restaurant that follows the circus on tour. They set  up the canopy and wooden tables next to the big top, under the stars each night to cater for our audience and artistes after evening performances.
I love the nostalgic forties feel.Of course the table settings are Bridgewater china!The article was written by Clover, another of Emma's sisters.What a talented family.I would love to be able to to go the circus!

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The Vintage Knitter said...

I agree about The Lady. I brought it for the first time a couple of months ago when it had Dita von Tease on the cover and quite enjoyed it. I had watched the tv programme about it with Rachel Johnson and that fired my interest.

We're off to see Giffords on Saturday as part of my daughter's 4th birthday present. I love it and can't wait myself!

Lovely blog by the way :-)