Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life in the fast lane....

My dearest husband says I really need to find something more exciting to do than covering coathangers and maybe he has a point as noone actually sees the hanger when it has clothes on it but it is a bit like underwear for clothes.These two are my first of I think many.Its very therapeutic and you can see my latest creation is pink.My coat hangers are lamguishing on a very pretty mat given to me by my two colleagues at school,Alyson and Marian .
Alyson works in a charityshop so she is always making little discoveries which I am very happy to receive as presents.In fact I usually squeal with delight which probably makes me even sadder in the eyes of my two sons.
This beauty is my sister Jules latest crochet venture,Her whole house is becoming crocheted in fact I told her boys to keep moving or they may find they have been crocheted into a standard lamp or something......
This is work of art was crocheted by my very clever Mum, Dawn(73) who struggles with arthritis in her talented fingers and she can only crochet for so long.This is a vintage pattern and a real heirloom present.I just cannot decide on a colour as Mum says she will make me one if I provide the wool........Decisions- as a Libran/Virgo deciding is soooo hard.It was Mum who taught me ,Jules and many others in the sisterhood to crochet or knit....Don't you love it?It reminds me of a sea urchin.
Will try and post tomorrow,Goodnight girls
Anne x


Deborah said...

Hi Anne
How dopey of me...I have just clicked that you are the lovely Jules' sister! She is a gem and I love her blog. You are very two talented ladies just like you mum! You keep going with the hangers, will make lovely gifts!
Best regards
Deb (Fondantkiss) x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Lovely things....your mum's cushion is amazing!


sylviesgarden said...

What a talented family! You can never have too much crochet especially when it is as beautiful as those cushion covers.
The hangers are great! I think they are so much more pretty than the plastic hangers.

Jules said...

Mmmm, I can think of someone who would LOVE to find one of those lovely hangers in her Christmas stocking! xxx

Sea Angels said...

I think those hangers are gorgeous and would happily hang them around without anything on them.....
Big Hugs and enjoy your holidays
Lynn xxxx