Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things I am loving on this fine Wednesday...

It cannot be true.It really is June!Where did May go?Anyway Phew!It's now half term and I can take a moment and post something...anything...So I thought I'd show you some things that are tickling my fancy at the moment.
My new school bag courtesy of Easy Living magazine and Cath K.I love the cheerful colours.
I have finally made a new curtain for under my belfast sink.When I was having yet another sort out I found this piece of Vanessa Arbuthnott fabric and with a quick whizz on the machine sorted!!(Note to self :Why does the nmachine always play up juast when I need it to work?) In this instance the needle snapped!!!
My stripey blanket which continues to grow and the colours give me such pleasure.They seem to arrange themselves.
More stocks......I do sooooo love them.If I had a field I would fill it full of stocks...
I don't know what's happening to my pictures .My brother has altered something when he uploaded Tif's challenge of the utmost kind and all my photos are squashed together and out of sync. .Why? Oh Why?

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