Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday..I love Sunday.

Today has been, apart from the weather, a very good day.First there was not one but three car boot sales!But it was a case of slim pickings and I managed to stay fairly attached to my money.I managed to find a few bargains.
A pretty salt and pepper pot(£1)(A gorgeous length of fabric,(£2.50)lots of doylies,(£2.00)some lovely vintage books,(£1)a rather strange family(£1) and a bargain bunch of stocks(£3) which are probably my favourite flowers.
Then there was tea and a nice piece of cake.Perfect....Have a great week.


sylviesgarden said...

Oh my word! Everything is so lovely! I can't believe how cute the salt and pepper pots are. x

made with love said...

Wow, what a lot f bargains. Glad you had a good day,
Rachael xx

Annie said...

Great finds, I love the books and doylies. I can't resist vintage children's annuals, the pictures on the cover are always lovely.
Ann x


Hello! sounds like you did well at the car boot , I didn't find much treasure this weekend. I adore stocks, When I got married the church was full of stocks and I will always remember the wonderful fragrance! i got married in a tiny village called Chop gate,do you know where this is? warm wishes,Linda.