Wednesday, May 12, 2010

At the end of a very long,hard day......peace

Just had to show you the Mere which is a well kept secret in Scarborough.This is where Jan and I head on our way home after a school day.Its so peaceful and serene and all the trees with their Spring coats look frothy and lacey at this time of year.
It is the most beautiful walk around the perimeter and usually teeming with birdlife.

I was hoping to catch the swans but they havent made an appearance yet.

And although I love my job.Spending all day from 8.30 until five with small children is very draining in the twilight years so this little interlude is balm to the soul before hitting the home rush traffic and facing the mountain of chores that always seem to await me at home.Just wanted to share. Enjoy the rest of your week ,girls.... nearly there.


sylviesgarden said...

What a lovely place.
I love Scarborough, it's beautiful.
Take care x

reasonably chubby said...

Hey there Anne! Ahhhh...what gorgeous pictures. Just seeing them is restful. It's amazing isn't it, what a little nature can do for the weary soul? Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week.

Jennie said...

I havent been around the Mere for years, no excuses really as I live near it :/ I must endeavour to go visit again.
Gorgeous pictures x

Alchamillamolly said...

Hello I used to go on the Hispaniola boat on the mere in the 60's it was full of pirates and they took you to an island and you dug for gold doubloons. I was so thrilled and scared as well when the captain pretended to cut off my plaits wiht his cutlass! We went back a couple of years ago and found a tearoom alongside the Mere but last year when we went back it was closed. Do you know of the lovely tearooms that used to be a hairdressers ??

Jules said...

am feeling much in need of a long spell somewhere like this and it's only Tuesday!