Monday, May 3, 2010

Happiness today is.....

My gorgeous purse from Ness that Harry bought me last Christmas.It's too nice to keep money in it,so I use it for storing my lipsticks.Are you jealous? Do love the lining?How jealous are you?
King cups in the pond and purple tulips
This month's Period Living and this wonderful picture of notions

My new blanket that is going to be an epic work.I'm loving the colours,choosing the colours and then choosing the next one, but this is going to take me a very very, long time....

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Jules said...

love it, love it. Wish I was at home - nop flowers here yet but the sun is shining and I am doing a little crochet in the evenings a slong as my tired little eyes allow. Fingers crossed the ash cloud keeps away from Manchester airport! See you at the weekend xxx