Sunday, June 13, 2010

A day with Janet...........

I have been a Janet Bolton groupie for many years.I love the serenity and simplicity of her work which is actually on closer inspection very intricate.She has the ability to breath mood and movement into her work with the slightest change of angle.
Anyway about a year ago, my good friend Heidi  of Old Homestead fame told me she had booked Janet for this weekend.(Yes, Janet is that popular. She is currently booked up to the end od 2012!!)Anyway,the day dawned and on Saturday I picked up my sister Jules and we went to Lebberston for a day with Janet.It was actually a two day course which is why you may think I have not achieved very much, but I could only go for one day as I had to work in the shop on Sunday.I can't show you her current exhibition work as sadly many people have ignored moral copyright and have copied and reproduced her designs but I can show you studies from her books.
It was totally fascinating listening to Janet's anecdotes from her child hood and to learn about the main influences in her life from kite making to the subliminal impact of growing up in a Lancashire town where the quality of cotton and fabric and the cut of clothes was of paramount value and importance.

I love the movement in this design.You can feel the wind buffeting the kite around and the joy felt by the kite flyers.......

Below is my humble attempt at a composition.It is work in progresss and I shall complete it and show you.I loved playing with the fabric and including some favourite thigs bees,hens and using a muted palette all of which is used or recycled.I mentioned to Janet that Donna has some amazing fabric and she said that Donna has attended several of her courses and is a lovely lady.Everyone at the course did a different theme and used a range of colours from bright and gaudy to paqle and interesting.....Watch this space
Here are two books I have had for years.I started the small quilt when my son was born and he is nearly 24 but I havent finished it and I didnt havs=e a very good range of fabric to choose from so Im nor really happy with it.
Jules and Heidi hard at work and concentrating !!!!
Here you can see Janet cutting out a hen freehand making it look soooo easy!
It was a wonderful and inspiratonal day but I had an epiphany ...When Janet said you should do what's in your heart and I realised I have spent far too much of my life not pursuing my true interests. I spend 95% of my  time doing things I really dislike and 5% doing the things I do ,when it should be the other way round.....I  am going to redress the of these days.........Thank you Janet and thankyou Heidi and Jilly for the wonderful food..

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Donna said...

Oh how envious I am Anne. Janet is one of the loveliest people ever and to spend a day with her is just divine. I look forward to seeing what you made with her :-)