Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
Crochet,cake,lemon cake.carrot cake,chocolate cake and strawberry tarts
and did I mention cake?
Today my little sister is still a mere slip of a girl and is 46 years young.The sisterhood had a meeting and ate a lot of cake and did some knitting and some crochet and Lottie our youngest regaled us with tales about her love life and her night out in York which left us more mature girls agog!!
Oh and a bit of patchworking see birthday girl Jules above with patchwork passion,nearly finished.....Check out Julessewpretty on my blogs I follow


Jules said...

Whilst i do like the idea of holding older age at bay I have to admit to being 47 years young, not 46 - or is this just a ploy on your part so that you can tell everyone you are 5 years older than me, making you a youthful 51? LOL. Best birthday in a long time but next year could I order a lot more sunshine please?

Fab presents - thanks sis xxx

Jules said...

the blanket in this pic is going to be gorg-eous. I love it and have a touch of blanket envy xx