Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rob Ryan love..

I have been a fan of Rob Ryan's work for a long time now.I first came across him when I stocked his cards through Roger la Borde and he did a huge advertising campaign for John Lewis at Christmas as well as recently exhibiting at the Yorkshire Sculpture park.Yesterday he blogged about the cover of the Independent magazine and here it is.I am really keen to have a go at paper cutting as the intensity of it really appeals to me.I imagine its pretty dangerous too!(You can buy prints of his work at la famille summerbelle).

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Rob Ryan said...

Hello Anne,
Thanks for checking out my blog, I love Michael McIntyre too ! Just wanted to set the record straight on one thing tho, I did not do the JLP xmas campaign. I was approached to do it by the agency involved but turned it down cos I was too busy, the agency did however get back to me to ask could I recommend anyone who could do it in my style !!!!.....yes I know, unbelievable !
You get used to it after a while and just laugh !!