Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Silver Cross

This is a picture of Logan my friend Christine's eight month old grandson.We were at post natal classes together nearly twenty four years ago and its incredible to realise that she is now a grandmother.Talk about how to feel ancient in a heart beat!

I just had to photograph his gorgeous vintage(the lady that she bought it from has seven, yes seven children and she used it with all of them)Silver Cross pram.It is soooo much nicer some of the buggies you see today.For a start he can sit up high and really see everything and it's brilliant when he's out in the garden catching the sun and fresh air.Isn't he a bonny baby?Indeed he looked like a baby who is at one with the elements and had a lovely colour from being outside in the spring sunshine.He was also wearing a beautiful, handknitted hooded top.Chris was laughing as people kept stopping her in the street and asking what it was and did she get it from the 'olden days'.My Mum had a lovely navy silver cross pram and she used to perch me on the front when my brother was a baby and we'd walk miles with her shopping loaded underneath.What a shame they are no longer deemed fashionable.They really are so elegant.

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lemonade kitty said...

Love, love, love that pram, why would you ever want to push a buggy when you could stroll out with a gargeous pram. Just found your blog so I'm going to make a cuppa and have a nosey, Love Luvey xx