Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter

Well it may not be Spring weather at the moment but Easter is still my favourite time of year.It is bitterly cold here in N,Yorks but  at least it's dry and we have seen glimpses of the sun for more than three seconds.
On Easter Sunday it is my 29th wedding anniversary and on that date in 1984 it snowed after the wedding photos had been taken and didn't stop until lunchtime the next day, so this type of weather is obviously cyclical and not as freaky as everyone seems to think.Anyway whatever the weather I hope Easter finds you  with those you love and brings you happiness, relaxation and maybe a little chocolate.
Anne x 
   This is my favourite teaset of the moment.Definitely the perfect anniversary present..........


Mac n' Janet said...

The last time we were in England on Easter, some time in the 90's it snowed and someone told us that they had more white Easters than white Christmas's.

Anonymous said...

On 21 March it was my 43rd Anniversary and, yes, it snowed on my Wedding Day too. I think we can say that snow at Easter is not unusual in England.
P.S. I love your teaset.


Poppins Creations said...

I hope you have a lovely easter and anniversary!
Hopefully Spring will come around soon. I will at least be glad for a bit more daylight after tomorrow, even if it does snow.
Hope you're keeping warm, are you in the dales/moors?