Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another Sunday....

Finally a little bit of time to myself..Have enjoyed lying in bed and reading Selina Lake's new book Pretty Pastel Style which is a lovely book but not my favourite.I think Homespun style is more my thing.But it has reminded me how a mix of pastels can lift a room and I have also realised how much pastel enamelware I actually own and remembered my beautiful pink enamel kettle that is presently languishing in a box under the stairs and how you can change things so easily for example by swapping a cushion in your bedroom for one in your living room etc You don't have to keep buying new stuff.What you need or think you want is probably in your house already.I love all these pretty..

I have always loved pink and have a few pieces of painted furniture in my house and shop.My current favourite colour combination and has been for some time is pale pink and it.

What to do now? The sun came out briefly and I was almost excited but it has now been replaced by the usual greyness that seems to be the norm at the moment.There were huge flakes of settling snow at five thirty this morning so the greyness is definitely an improvement.Cheryl and I have missed our jaunt to the car boot which has become our Sunday happy time.It was just too horrid this morning and the duvet too cosy so maybe next week...I am going to change the shop windows later today and try and inject a little bit of Selina styling into the upstairs room.I also have a yearning to go to Whitby for a ride out and a walk on the beach. I have a rotten cold and I think I need some sea air in my lungs Kill or cure!Maybe a bit of cake making later just what you need on a Sunday afternoon..

Whatever you do today enjoy your time and make the most of it .Much love Anne x


Nana Go-Go said...

Hi Anne - great to 'see' you. I've just blogged about 'Romantic Style' which I got from the library in the week. Pretty pictures. You're right about the 'home shopping' thing - saves money too!It's a very bleak day here too and I should be in the kitchen slogging away for the impending birthday tea for my youngest later on but here I am - how dare I have some 'me' time on a Sunday morning!!Have a good day. x

lemonade kitty said...

Snap!! I just said to the hubby let's go to Whitby next weekend as we haven't bee for a while and there's a gorgeous vintage shop there called "Dotty About Vintage" that I love to rummage in. That pink dresser is to die for, Lucey x

lemonade kitty said...

Snap!! This morning I just said to the hubby shall we have a ride to Whitby next weekend, not for the sea air though as we have that on our doorstep, more for the lovely shop "Dotty about Vintage" that I love to rummage in, Lucey PS That pink dresser is to die for, xx

Hen said...

Thanks so much for your email, Anne, good to hear from you and that you are all getting on ok up there. I've liked Pastel Stye too but did find the writing a tad annoying in places, when it kept saying not to have predictable pink girl's bedrooms and apologising for pastels being sweet and sickly etc. That's just how I like them! Fab pictures, though.
Am feeling envious of that pink enamel kettle... Would love to see the new windows you create if you manage to take a pic.
Hen x