Monday, April 18, 2011

Homespun & Vintage Fair..

We spent a lovely morning at the fair,Cheryl,Linda,Naomi, and supporting cast did a wonderful job and everything looked so lovelyI forgot to take any inside photos but I took one of the garden where we enjoyed a wonderful cup of tea and carrot cake sitting under the apple tree.. 

It was a really glorious morning and it was more like a day at the height of summer rather than a Spring April morning
The friends Meeting House is a very tranquil place and has wonderful views over the town...okay what did I spend my money on...lots of things that I really didnt need but which I will treasure especially when I know how much hard work each piece entails...I was hyperventilating as I didn't know whxt to look at first so much vintagey goodness......

A lovely folder made by Andrea who now has her own shop on Hanover Rd in Scarborough.Andrea makes, among other things, pictures and beautiful cards which I am hoping to stock in the near future.
One of Cheryl's pretty hair clips -methinks I am probably too old to be wearing such things but it is so pretty I may just have to .....probably more alarming if I started wearing it with white ankle socks!!!
 Some floral fabric for a birthday project I have in mind and some pretty doilies from Naomi's stash.Jules was forbidding me to buy anymore but I managed to buy these two.
Some fine lace that will come in useful.The whole fair was a wonderful experience full of like minded,lovely people and things.I could have bought so much more but the bank manager said No!It was lovely to meet Naomi who is a good friend of Cheryls ( they both  have two little boys)I read Naomi's blog and it was so nice to put a face to a name Naomi's Mum is a lovely lady too...Naomi has posted a milion photos which give a flavour of the whole day ..For those of you who missed it or would like to go to the next one,I will keep you posted and...
 Thank you girls for all your hard work and for giving everyone such a lovely day.
Anne x


Jules said...

Hmmm, you snuck that pink doily in when I wasn't looking then! Must be more vigilant next time. If I find you buried under an avalanche of crocheted doilies, tablecloths and cake stands one day I really shan't be too surprised! x

Nana Go-Go said...

Isn`t it lovely to be able to sit outdoors, finally? I`m getting claustrophobic now if I can`t get out at least once a day, when I`m at work! I love doillies too but have never seen any in such `modern` colours. Lovely.

Madelief said...

It sounds like a great fair. Love the folder and hairclips. So sweet!

Happy Easter!

lieve groet, Madelief

Naomi said...

Awww...thank you for such a lovely mention Anne. Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend and hopefully bump into you again soon.

Much love
Naomi xxx