Sunday, October 3, 2010

Homespun style..

It certainly has been a day for sitting in front of this....It has absolutely poured down all day here in N.Yorks. I am really hoping that next week is a better week as every Monday seems to bring along another catastophe or ailment.Two weeks ago my crown fell out and I looked like Nanny McPhee for several days...last Monday I bent down to retrieve my planner from my school bag and out popped my disc and I have been in mortal agony ..It's easing now but still very sore so I have been fairly useless all week-had so many things I wanted to do but really haven't been able to get comfortable.However today has been a better day and I have started one or two little projects which I will show you soon.Sister Jules is back from the States so we may be able to motivate each other.I have a tale to tell about an abandoned kitten but in the meantime I love the Homespun style articles in the November issue of Country Homes and is a quick peep....
Hoping your Monday is kind to you....
Anne x

Really love the throw..
The towels are pip studio and the crochet one is from Rice at clothkits
Hoping your Monday is kind to you....

                                                       Anne x


The Vintage Knitter said...

I brought this issue too especially for the Homespun article. Its a real little gem of a photo shoot and I'm feeling very inspired by those capital letter tapestry cushions. I love magazine features like this.

Serendipitychild said...

Ooooh, lovely pics, I may have to go and get a cope of this.
Thanks for sharing.

swedishouse said...

Hej Anne
Sorry to hear about your back...
Rest up & keep well.
Love the eye candy from Country Homes...Have just recently heard/learnt about RICE need to check them out...I LOVE Pips Studio some of their wallpapers especially, I have my eye on.
Hope you have a good week ahead

Robin said...

Oh, Anne! I'm so sorry to hear about your disc. Poor girl. Hopefully it will be on the mend soon. You know, there's a supplement I take for inflammation. It's called Zyflammend. It's by a company called New Chapter. Here's the link:
You might want to give it a whirl. It helped a pre-arthritic thing I had started in my hands just disappear after about 10 days of taking 2 of them 3x a day. Take care! --Robin