Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's day

Hope you have enjoyed your day.My beloved and I went to York for the afternoon.We mooched in Cath Kidston and White stuff I love therir window displays.Today the window is a giant budgie cage and the floor is lined with newspaper and feathers with two massive budgies swinging on a perch.Genius!We had a very nice lunch at Wilde's.The sun was shining and everybody was out in force and it felt as if Spring was on the doorstep.(I forgot I am on the cusp of extreme middleage,am overweight and very tired) and then I heard the weather forecast-more cold,more snow.Our heating has given up the ghost and I can hardly type for the amount of layers I'm wearing.Hey ho! Lots of love!


Jules said...

Your 'beloved' hey? Things must be looking up with the boys out of the way. How did you manage to wangle time off from the shop? I've been mooching myself but alone - par for the course - haven't bought much for myself but plenty for the boys and I found a couple of good mags for inspiration. Spent ages in the bookstore and have a few titles I'll probably pick up back in the UK as I don't want to increase my luggage weight over and above the allowable! Think I may already be over the limit. It's cold but bright and sunny today - we had snow on Friday which caused chaos and more is forecast but I hope it won't affect our flights.
Have a good week, see you next weekend - how about Sunday afternoon crafting? It's killing me spending an entire weekend without doing anything creative :(
take care

made with love said...

I love York, I spent many an afternoon there as a child.
Glad you had a great day though.
I hope you get the heating sorted soon. That is really bad news.
Happy Valentines Day,
Rachael XX