Tuesday, February 9, 2010


As some of you may know in my spare time I am a full time teacher and tend to work in our shop at weekends and during holidays.The above picture was a present from one of my past pupils and I thought it would go beautifully with the following rules that were discovered by a colleague when sorting through her great Aunt's things.Her aunt used to be a teacher in London in 1915.
Rules for Women Teachers entering full time employment
1.You will NOT marry during the term of your contract.
2.You are NOT to keep the company of men.
3.You MUST be home between 8pm and 6am unless attending a school function.
4.You may NOT linger in ice cream parlours.
5.You may NOT travel beyond the city limits without permission of the chairman of the board.
6.You mayNOT travel in a carriage or an automobile with any man unless they be your father or brother.
7.You may NOT smoke cigarettes.
8.You may NOT wear bright colours.
9.You may NOT under any circumstances dye your hair.
10.You must wear at least two petticoats.
11.Your dresses must be NO shorter than two inches above the ankle.
12.To keep the school room clean you MUST sweep the floor at least once a day,clean the blackboard at least once a day and light the fire at 7 am.

Don't you just love it.I would be in terrible trouble as I wear no petticoats,wear bright colours and am always frequenting ice cream parlours!!How times have changed.


made with love said...

Glad they have though, blimey, I would be in lots of trouble. I am a teacher too.
What a great little post,
Rachael XX

Annie said...

This really made me smile, especially the bit about ice cream parlours. I never imagined them having such things in 1915 ! I must pass it on to my mum and sisters, both teachers and guilty of quite a few of the forbidden pleasures I would think.
Ann x