Sunday, October 25, 2009


Well it must be time to 'cosy up' Danny is certainly ready for ' back end' as they say here in Yorkshire.This time of year I like to change the cushion covers and get out the throws for a more lived in feel. The logs are chopped ready for the wood burning stove and crumpets are languishing in the bread bin. We can't fight it so we have to embrace it. Sadly its wet and fairly warm outside which is not really in keeping with the season.
I I picked these Hydrangeas over a week ago and they are drying nicely. Aren't they the most wonderful colour?

This is my new Autumn tea cosy.Again I couldnt resist the colours and its so thick and tweedy it reminded me of the hydrangeas.I'm now going to my friend Marches house to learn how to embroider with wool which I am really looking forward to.Jules is going too and If I can I will photograph Marche's patchwork quilts which are to die for.Will post photos later.Hope you all have a great weekend.

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