Saturday, October 24, 2009


What a weekend that was!Every year at about this time Pickering slides back in time to 1943 to commemorate the railway workers who died during the war. The main attractions are centred arpound the NYMsteam railway. This event has evolved to such an extent that thousands of people visit now.Most people dress up in 1940s clothes and there are loads of stalls selling vintage and original 1940s clothes and memorabilia.There's singing and dancing in the streeet and a massive parade. This photo was taken at the station.It is a brilliant weekend and such a happy atmosphere underlying the true meaning of the weekend.Its a little bit of street theatre and a chance to slough off your 21st century woes and remember when times were bloody hard but you had to 'make do and mend' and 'keep calm and carry on'and you lived life to the full back then in spite of the hardships because you didnt know how long your life would last.It also makes you realise that we are so lucky these days even if we think we're not!

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