Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The day started badly as upon waking my throat felt as if I had been sleeping all night with my mouth open...a restorative cup of tea did not make any difference and I have felt pretty off colour all day not ill just not quite right..I have spent the best part of the day sorting out stuff and moving things from one place to another, but I am putting off taking down my Christmas decorations as the rooms look so pretty so I think I will leave the lights up for the duration of the winter as they make everywhere look cosier.I then had to go to 'fat club'for my weekly weigh in and was not at all surprised to learn I have gained 4lbs over the Christmas period and I have to sayI enjoyed every mouthful of cheese, chocolate, chocolate mousse/torte/icecream,mincepies,daim bars and cake.(Not to mention three Christmas dinners on the bounce!)I just needed a little holiday to remember how amazing those foods are and how horrible they make me feel in the long term.Hey ho.You have to experience the valleys to appreciate the mountains and I think I was on the way to being a mountain all by myself...So day three of this new year will find me thoroughly resigned to getting back on track with thoughts of Spring and warm sunshine which are just down the road...So tea but no cake.
Anne x


Rachel said...

Happy New Year Anne. I know the feeling about eating too much. My Mum keeps producing these massive meals and I just don't know when they're going to stop!
I think you may have taught my class of children at Kirkbymoorside a few weeks ago :-)
What a coincidence.

Amanda said...

I was at fat club too today but I'm on the other side of the scales as I run it. Did'nt stop me putting weight on though. Hey ho we're only human.

lemonade kitty said...

Aw I think we've all put weight on, well if you can't stuff yourself at Christmas when can you, lol!!! Hope you're soon feeling better. Any news from Cheryl yet? Lucey x