Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vintage fair

Hello,yes I'm still here though I have been a very poor blogger of late....Sometimes feel I have nothing to say....sometimes feel I have too much to say and am not sure if baring one's soul for the world to read is a good idea....Anyway November is whizzing by and I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed as I have run out of time to get organized for Cheryl's Vintage fair on Friday 5-8 and Saturday 10-3pm It will a while before the next one as Cheryl will be welcoming her baby girl into the world very soon.
Do hope you can make it as the Fair promises to be a really lovely affair and it will be a brilliant way to start your festive shopping....xx


lemonade kitty said...

Hi Anne, I would have loved to have come down but we're off to London for the weekend. Hope all goes well, Lucey x

Hen said...

Good luck for the fair, you two lovely ladies. How I'd love to be there. Ah we'll, next October will be around before we know it?! Please would you let me know when Cheryl Anne has her baby?
Take care you.
Hen xxx