Sunday, June 24, 2012


I hope some of you have enjoyed a little drop of sunshine today or even a big bucketful of sunshine.....N.Yorks is drenched.... we are sitting under a big fat rain cloud which refuses to shift .I  found this photo and think it sums it up beautifully.Why though does it always rain on Sundays? I have been to two car boots this year so far.One was so cold I had to wear all my winter clothes and the second was gloriously hot and such a lovely morning,chatting,mooching,haggling and sipping hot tea......It feels as though we're being punished.However, and that everything dries out quickly...though I have my doubts as Wimbledon is upon us.... I'm feeling so sorry for all those poor people who have been flooded.That must be I guess that puts it into perspective so fingers cross the summer arrives soon and stays for a while.Have a good week.
                                                                            Anne x


Amanda said...

Hope you've had some sun today and time to enjoy it. It sure makes things more cheery.

dosierosie said...

Love the thought for today.