Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hope your weekend is off to a ood start.The sun is shining here and it's so lovely to open the windows and let the fresh air fill the house.I can't believe another week has flown by but my tired eyes and aching body tell me it must have done.
Teaching is tremendously rewarding and uplifting at times but working with  children all day is mentally exhausting.Things are even more stressful as our school has merged with another school and there are to be thirty eight redundancies across the board.As I am just a few years too young to take voluntary redundancy without it affecting my pension, so I am spending the weekend filling in an appliction for my job.We have to have an interview and then wait until the end of term to find out if we are employed or not.
I've thrown a few pity parties for myself,felt angry,sad,sick,ill,weepy and today I am Pollyanna.There are thousands of people going through similar situations,life is a recession.This is the way it is and non of it's life threatening.So that said,I am going get rid of the grey in my hair,sort out my diet(.We were laughing at school yesterday saying that they will have to widen the doorways if this goes on much longer, as we are all comfort eating for England and blaming our thyroids) and generally stop moping about.Fortunately I have the shop to distract me,sadly not enough to employ me full time as both son and husband also draw a wage from the business.Anyway,hope you and yours are well and happy.
Forget the week and have a great weekend
Anne x


Diane said...

Dear Anne, I have everything crossed for you. Its an awful situation that you are in and one that I have been in myself before (4 times in total!). All I can from my own experiences, is that I now firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and very often something really good from it. xxxxxxx

Mac n' Janet said...

Teaching is stressful and rewarding, I retired from it 8 1/2 years ago. It's hard having to interview for the job you already have, good luck on that. Doesn't seniority count at all?

Nana Go-Go said...

So sorry you've got to go through this, Anne. Hope the outcome is successful for you. It's truly appalling that the powers-that-be are allowed to let this happen. My sister, the History Teacher,and most of her peers are struggling at the moment with the Curriculum for Excellence that's been introduced up here and a lot of them are threatening to throw the towel in because of it. The true essence of teaching is under threat and someone needs to sit up and take notice.
Hope you're having a good weekend, regardless.x

Alchamillamolly said...

I had to do the same Anne and we ate for England last year!! I had lost 16 pounds at WW and I put back on that amount and then 2 pounds more as bonus!! I am now doing my job and the jobs of my two colleagues that took redundancy. I was 55 at the time but they said it was too expensive to get rid of me!! The other girl was only a year older but she had a bad sick record so they let her go. The guy was nearly 65 so they paid him off as well. Now I am working the hardest I have done in my life its a god job I like what I do, I had a permanent contract and when I had to apply for my job it suddenly turned into a fixed term contract until 31 Dec 2013!! good old NYCC eh.