Thursday, November 3, 2011

Homespun and Vintage Fair.....

Well, girls. Hope you are all feeling tickety boo.I cannot believe that it is actually Friday tomorrow and that I have been back at the chalk face for a week....I have been late in posting about the fabulous Homespun & Vintage fair which was a huge success in it's larger venue at Hallgarth.It took a lot of styling to make the Hall look vintagey and gorgeous and we worked into the small hours the night before but it did look the part by the next morning...Here are some of the stalls....... enjoy!
Andrea Willis designs
Gail & Temple
Gorgeous Rowan yarn from Joanne
Vintage fabrics
Pretty gifts from Linda & Cheryl
Naomi Newton
It was a lovely day and Franny,Maxine and Naomi did an amazing job in the tea room.
Thanks Cheryl & Linda
                   (It was also lovely to meet fellow blogger Catherine from Alchemillymolly.)
                                                                    love Anne xxx


Hen said...

Looks fabulous!

patchworkandlace said...

It looks a really lovely fair ,i wish i had been able to attend i would certainly have come away with lots of lovey goodies ,lovely pictures ,thankyou for sharing xx

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Such a lovely fair must have had a fabulous day amongst so much loveliness..It looks like my perfect day!
Susan x

Alchamillamolly said...

Thank you for the mention. I had a great time and I have made the lovely old fabric with the rosebuds around the edge into a cushion which my Mam took!! It was so lovely to be amongst so many lovely people excited about all things vintage. I have been in touch with Cheryl to track down the lovely Merry Christmas banner in one of your pics. I regretted not buying it when I got home! Cannot wait for the next one, hope to get to Pickering before and will call in to Made and Found

BusyLizzie said...

What fab looking stalls & so carefully laid out & wow! Lizzie