Monday, October 3, 2011

The doldrums..

Cripes,has it really been a whole month since I last posted? Well just coming up for air after a gruelling start to the school year.I honestly don't think I can go on.I am sooooo tired all of the time and energy levels are non existent.All good intentions:
'I will eat a proper breakfast instead of standing in the staffroom shovelling mueller light yogurt into my mouth two  minutes before the bell.I will eat lots of soup and exercise more and become if not thin ,then certainly thinner.I will tidy the kitchen before I go to bed and I will keep on top of the housework  by rising earlier  and doing a bit each day instead of a bucketful at the weekend.I will take my cod liver oil tablets and I will use my rescue remedy when I feel I am about to come apart at the seams....I will watch less television until Downton abbey returns and I will spend an hour a day after cooking, ironing,marking,planning doing something I enjoy and the list goes on....good intentions
Seems like a lot of twaddle when I re read my good intentions which are a tyranny to which I am unable to uphold.The kitchen looks like a student squat,I am comfort eating for England and I am still shovelling yogurt into my mouth two minutes before the bell and I am swigging rescue remedy like there is no tomorrow and I am finding Downton Abbey somewhat disappointing.....
The doctor it is then....
Will try to post something more cheerful at the weekend. In the meantime a little advice that I must heed.
                                                             Enjoy your week,girls.
                                                                          Anne x


WinnibriggsHouse said...

Oh how I sympathise with you. Your list could have been mine, and I never managed it either. My saviours were Boots stress pills, a very supporting family, a doctor who didn't think losing my hair in clumps was 'normal in someone my age' and I am sorry to say it 'retirement'
Make that doctor a priority, tear up the list and follow your own very true advice.
Good Luck

Nana Go-Go said...

It must be the time for all `Annes` with an `e` to feel the same! I`m taking a week`s hols this week because I`m sick and tired of being tired all the time! In order not to feel so tired, I would have to be in bed by 7.00pm each night which would seriously curtail any enjoyment I may afford myself from time-to-time! I know it`s an occupational hazard of getting older but it doesn`t make it any easier! Hope the doc can help you, Anne. Let us know.
ps Rescue Remedy makes me feel even more tired! I`m on the Lucozade right now - they do a nice cherry or apple flavour now!

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi Anne I left a comment on oyur blog as I had finally visited your shop. There was a red alarm clock and I forgot to ask downstairs about it. Do you have one to sell, this one didnt have a battry or a back on but looked new. I have just had 2 weeks off work after a hard slog during the summer at work and I truly adjusted to being at home - going back yesterday was so hard. Being at home is where I want to be!

Jules said...

oh, dear sis, if only we really could live the life we love.... it's all just a pipe dream as far as I can see. You know what to do, you don't need me to nag you about it xxxx

Amanda said...

There is an article in the Daily mail online, have a read, its in the health bit near the bottom. Its called smiley depression. Yep, you look and act if everything is fine but its not. They say it only gets worse. thats how I was a few years back, came through it but I wished I'd gone the doctors, would have been easier. Hope you go on OK.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne, Sorry to hear its all a bit of a struggle at the moment,everyone I talk to including me ,feels tired,I dont know what it is,maybe the time of year,or just such the fast paced life? I find the Bach remedies great too.Well,take care and only 3 days 'til the weekend!hugs,juliexxx

Missy said...

I'm feeling your pain about going back to school! I'm a TA and I only went back this Monday (mum been very ill) and my timetable is so full I feel like I don't have time to come up for air, let alone mark a book or do a bit of APP. Been on a maths course today which was great and felt like a day off!
Hope it gets a bit easier for you.