Monday, January 3, 2011

Miss Betty..................

As some of you will know I have one elderly dog and two tabby cats,Tom is nearly fifteen and Billy is nine.Over the course of twenty six years tigether John and I have had many cats- twelve in total all of whom have been waifs and strays or who have just wandered into our lives,Chalky our white cat, much beloved by both sons and nephews just appeared in our living room one morning and never left.He lived five doors down but he wasn't cared for and they would leave him out in all weathers with no shelter.I really believe that 'Six Dinner Sid 'style some cats choose their owners.Anyway to get back to the point,about a month ago my eldest son appeared at the foot of my bed early in the morning to tell me he had got me a present and then produced this little kitten.Apparently the owner was going to get rid of her as he couldn't afford to keep her. As it was six am and he had woken me up I can tell you quite honestly I was not terribly grateful.I really didn't want another cat and I really didnt feel it was fair on  Tom who is an old man and doesn't need all the hassle.Really didn't want to start with litter trays  etc.Well she is not the prettiest cat in the world but she is so affectionate  and sweet natured and the fact that she is a girl is a real plus.Ive only ever had one female and she was my best and beloved Cleo who was seventeen when she died and I miss her to this day.So I wanted to introduce you to Betty who is a naughty little cat full of mischief but very enchanting  and intelligent and I am afraid I am besotted.She is sitting on my arm as I am trying to type this and she is reading every word.So Betty is my best present not just for Christmas but for life.

She loves my vintage shopping basket which is hanging on a coat rail- yes she loves to climb.

                 There is one member of the family who is not too impressed.
                                  This is Billy sulking and giving me that look......



you sound just like me! no more pets i say as i sob my heart out after one dies, and then a hard luck story and i have a nother love of my life! Betty is adorable,kittens are so so appealing ,she is cute and your son was right to bring her to you,he obviously has a soft heart like you!! happy new year to yor human and furry family,Linda x

a mermaids purse said...

such a heart warming post ;0)
really lovely blog- i am now a follower...enjoyed looking back in your postings and seeing all your beautiful makes and piccys x

best wishes for the new year x

Jules said...

You left out the bit where Harry described her as 'the naughtiest kitten in the whole wide world' - at least I think that was what he was trying to say in his beer-tongue xx

sylviesgarden said...

Betty is so sweet. I'm sure Billy will get used to her soon.
Wishing you a wonderful New Year.

LaaLaa said...

Hi, I just found your lovely blog. Betty is beautiful! Lynda xx

Mac n' Janet said...

Our most recent cat is female too, we got her because she's a tabby and our favorite cat had been one too.
Betty looks adorable!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year
aww she is so sweet and she has lovely markings.She has found the perfect new home
xx fee

vicki said...

I am in love~~~ with your sweet kitties. We are kitty lovers here at my house - and your photos make my heart beat softer just seeing them. How precious are Betty and Billy!

Your blog is beautiful - absolutely charming! And your online shop is fabulous! One of the most beautiful selections I have seen.

Thank you for visiting me today - just coming by to see you as a result has been delightful. Consider me your newest follower!


Madelief said...

Hi Anne,

Thank you very much for your sweet comment on my blog. I hope the weather in Yorkshire has improved the last couple of days.

What a beautiful gift you received from your son. She looks very sweet!!

Have a good weekend!

Lieve groet, Madelief