Monday, March 29, 2010


Oh the barnyard is busy
In a regular tizzy
And the obvious reason
is because of the season
Mother Nature's lyrical
With her yearly miracle

I really love that song.However I am not loving the weather at the moment.

I am spring cleaning and sorting,gardening and generally decluttering and all of this is made much more difficult when it's pouring with rain and the threat of snow.
However, this is not unusual.Back in 1984 on my wedding day ( March 31st) it snowed all night and we had six inches of the white stuff.It was so bad that the next day it was touch and go as we set off to Llandudno for our honeymoon in my mother's rather ancient mini traveller.On the way the alternater gave up the ghost and we had to spend the entire week parking on hills so we could do a rolling hill start.Happy days!! Here are some lovely spring flowers to get us back in the mood.

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juliappmp said...

what still no new blog???? Disgraceful.