Thursday, November 19, 2009

Old Homestead Open House

I want to show you an incredibly talented lady, Dearest Rosella who runs an Italian restaurant with her husband. Rosella is brilliant at crochet and her work is jaw dropping in my opinion.
All these items were on sale a Heidi's Open House.Feast your eyes. Denim cushion with hand crocheted lace above.

Hours and hours of intricate work

Lovely Rosella

I have some of these jars in my kitchen and I love them.

In the kitchen

In the dining room

Sunday was the first dayof Heidi's Open House at Lebberston.Heidi has a beautiful shop called Old Homestead.Every Christmas she holds open House for her customers and friends and for me it is a wonderful shopping experience and really gets me in a festive mood.Above are some pictures.You can also see some of the things from the shop which were on sale.

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prettyshabby said...

hello Anne..just wanted to say a quick thanks for your message, blogging is so great when you are down in the dumps and people leave such lovely messages for you to cheer you up! And you are definitely right..I have a keep calm poster right infront of my back door..its my mantra too!
I was quite taken aback when I realised you read my blog..I'm always floating around your shop adding your online lovelies to my wish list!!
Your friends Christmassy open house shop is absolutely beautiful by the way. Sairer x