Friday, September 4, 2009

Billy boy

Here is sweet Billy boy one of my two tabby toms. He is nearly five but still very timid. He was thrown from a passing car and abandoned when he was only a tiny kitten. But he was very lucky to be found huddled under my mum's car bonnet where he had crawled, totally terrified. He then broke his leg when trying to crawl under a fence that was too low, only six weeks after we got him. It cost a fortune to sort that out and six weeks in a cage which really traumatised him.Anyway he is a darling cat and although still a bit people shy he will sit on my lap and is very good company.My othertabby is called Tom and he is at present asleep on the chair next to me snoring his old head off. He is about fourteen.In the twenty five years I have been married our home has never been without a cat or four. My youngest son used to say "Mummy we are really rich" "Why is that then,Harry?"
"Because we have three cats." Maybe there is a lot of truth in that because we have had twelve cats now and they have all been so different and such wonderful companions and characters.

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