Friday, July 24, 2009


Helen said...

Join the club Anne, my wardrobe is arranged in the same colour-coded way!!

B said...

Just wanted to say "Hi" I am a fellow Brit and relatively new blogger. I started blogging early this year while i was still living in Canada. i have since moved back to the UK- back to Berkhamsted; where I came across some of your lovely products today in 'Number Twenty One' just gorgeous! Can I be cheeky and ask you a question? I asked the woman in the shop and she didn't know the answer; what do you put in your sachets (apart from the lavender) what is the 'beady' stuff i can feel? I bought a sachet but don't want to take it a part as it's a gift.

Anyway, I'm going to start following your blog (it's nice to see another Brit!) Do come over and check out my ramblings!


Anne Reed - Made & Found said...

Hi, B great to hear from you but I think it is a case of mistaken identity with regard to your lavender sachet.I am there is another made and found which sells through noton the high street,but I am a shop in N. Yorkshire